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Project Description Last Change
bibliography.git GNUnet's bibliography 13 months ago
bionic.git Android's C library 28 hours ago
chromium.git Chromium 2 months ago
cmake.git CMake 16 hours ago
coreboot.git coreboot 21 hours ago
cpython.git CPython 9 hours ago
crux-ports-compat32.git CRUX compat-32 ports 4 days ago
crux-ports-contrib.git CRUX contributed ports 2 days ago
crux-ports-core.git CRUX core ports 5 days ago
crux-ports-opt.git CRUX opt ports 39 hours ago
crux-ports-xorg.git CRUX ports 4 days ago
crux-tools-pkgutils.git CRUX pkgutils repository 2 months ago
dports.git DragonFly ports 5 days ago
dragonfly.git DragonFly BSD 7 days ago
element-android.git Matrix Element Android version 29 hours ago
element-web.git Matrix Element web version 13 hours ago
ffmpeg.git FFmpeg 10 hours ago
freebsd-doc.git FreeBSD documentation 29 hours ago
freebsd-papers.git FreeBSD presentation and papers 7 months ago
freebsd.git FreeBSD and HardenedBSD No commits
freeciv.git FreeCiv 11 hours ago
gcc.git GNU GCC 11 hours ago
glibc.git GNU libc 22 hours ago
gnunet.git GNUnet 3 days ago
gnupg.git GnuPG 45 hours ago
gnutls.git GnuTLS 3 days ago
go.git Go 20 hours ago
gobolinux-recipes.git GoboLinux'es recipes 4 weeks ago
guix.git GNU Guix 10 hours ago
homebrew.git Homebrew 10 hours ago
ipxe.git iPXE 2 weeks ago
irssi-scripts.git irssi IRC client scripts 13 days ago
latex2e.git LaTeX 2e 30 hours ago
libgcrypt.git libgcrypt 44 hours ago
libressl.git LibreSSL 10 days ago
libvpx.git libvpx 7 months ago
linux-firmware.git Linux firmware blobs 3 days ago
linux.git Linux 6 days ago
lkml-11.git Linux kernel maillist epoch 11 9 hours ago
llvm.git LLVM 12 hours ago
macports.git MacPorts ports 15 hours ago
matrix-spec-proposals.git specification proposals 34 hours ago
matrix-synapse.git Matrix'es Synapse 3 days ago
matrix-website.git website 26 hours ago
mattermost-server.git Mattermost server 10 hours ago
mes.git GNU Mes 6 weeks ago
netbsd-pkgsrc.git NetBSD pkgsrc 11 hours ago
netbsd-xsrc.git NetBSD's xsrc 2 weeks ago
netbsd.git NetBSD 12 hours ago
nixpkgs.git Nix packages 9 hours ago
nss.git NSS 2 days ago
oasis.git small statically-linked linux system 2 months ago
openbsd-ports.git OpenBSD ports 11 hours ago
openbsd-www.git OpenBSD WWW 3 days ago
openbsd.git OpenBSD 11 hours ago
openjdk.git OpenJDK 12 hours ago
openssh.git OpenSSH 18 hours ago
openssl.git OpenSSL 15 hours ago
openwrt.git OpenWRT 12 hours ago
openzfs.git OpenZFS 23 hours ago
pep.git Python PEPs 21 hours ago
perl.git Perl 9 hours ago
plan9.git Plan9 18 months ago
plan9port.git Plan9 from user space 6 weeks ago
portage.git Gentoo portage 9 hours ago
postfix.git Postfix MTA 4 weeks ago
reinstead.git RE:INSTEAD IF parser 10 days ago
ruby.git Ruby 10 hours ago
rust.git Rust language 21 hours ago
scummvm.git ScummVM 9 hours ago
sdsm.git Сети для самых маленьких 2 days ago
strongswan.git strongSwan 37 hours ago
tcl.git Tcl core 23 hours ago
tcllib.git Tcl library 2 weeks ago
texinfo.git GNU Texinfo 2 weeks ago
texlive.git Subversion TeX Live + development branches 20 hours ago
tinycc.git TinyCC 17 months ago
tk.git Tk widget toolkit for Tcl 2 days ago
tklib.git Tk library 3 weeks ago
tmux.git tmux 4 days ago
vim.git Vim 9 hours ago
void-packages.git Void Linux packages 10 hours ago
warehouse.git PyPI Warehouse 35 hours ago
webrtc.git WebRTC source 10 hours ago
where-to-store-the-packet.git Где сохранить пакет? 12 months ago
wolfssl.git WolfSSL 18 hours ago
zsh.git zsh shell 3 days ago